10 Scholarships That All International Students Should Know About

10 March 2020 | Advice for International Students | Guest Author

Studying in another country is an expensive option for many, but did you know that there are scholarships out there that can help reduce or cover costs? My baggage takes a look at some of the top scholarships available, how to apply to them and, most importantly how they can help you!

Erasmus Mundus Joint master’s degree

Erasmus offers students the opportunity to enrol on a joint master’s degree. The programmes are developed and ran by a group of university institutions across Europe. They give students the opportunity to study a double or joint master’s degree, with many subjects being available. You will have to study at a university in more than one country; with one-half of the masters taking place in one institution, the rest in another. The degree usually takes between one and two years to complete. There are opportunities to apply for a full scholarship to cover your fees and accommodation costs. But it’s important to get your application in quick, as there are only ten to twenty scholarship opportunities available a year. It’s important to note that Erasmus allowances are subject to change due to the impact of Brexit, so this is something to keep an eye on.

UK Scholarships

The Fulbright Student Programme

The Fulbright Student Programme offers postgraduate students, young professionals, artists or researchers a scholarship to study at an institution in the USA. Eligibility and entry requirements are determined by your nationality. If you are applying from the UK, you need to be a UK citizen and have obtained at least a 2:1 in your undergraduate degree. If you are successful, the award can be applied to any course of study or independent research project. All scholarships will cover financial contribution towards your first year of study, health insurance, your J-1 visa sponsorship, offer support in the USA and provide access to a global Fulbright alumni network. Some scholarships also include full funding for your masters or research project and can even waive tuition fees.

Claredon Scholarships at Oxford University

The Clarendon Scholarship fund awards 140 postgraduate scholarships to exceptional undergraduates looking to study at postgraduate level in Oxford. It is applicable across all subjects and the scholarship will cover all academic tuition for your course, with full-time students receiving £15,000. To be eligible you must be applying for a course at Oxford before the deadline, have a first-class honour or equivalent, have a desire to contribute to your field of study and be motivated and passionate about your subject. 

University of Westminster International Scholarship

The University of Westminster offers a full international scholarship to any applicants applying to study at its institution from a developing country. You will need to already have an offer for a full-time undergraduate course and the eligibility of whether you are accepted depends on your academic abilities and current financial situation. 

North American Scholarships

QS Leadership Scholarship

The QS Leadership Scholarship awards students who showcase strong leadership abilities or significant community activism. Students can be awarded up to $10,000 USD to help towards their postgraduate studies at a number of US institutions. To be eligible students will first need to attend a QS event, such as the World Grad School Tour, World MBA Tour, Connect MBA or Connect Masters. You will then need to meet the eligibility criteria which states that you must be starting your first year of postgraduate study in the next academic year, you must be going to study a masters which isn’t a the level of MBA, you must have accepted an offer from an institute at the time of being awarded the scholarship and the money must be put towards your academic fees. You will also be required to write a 500-word essay, which will determine whether you are selected.

QS Academic Excellence Scholarship

The QS Academic Excellence Scholarship is similar to the Leadership Scholarship. Is it for a student who shows they have strong academic potential and who will make a contribution in their field of study? The scholarship is worth $10,000 USD and can be used towards academic fees for a master’s or PhD programme anywhere in the world. The application follows the same method as the QS Academic Excellence Scholarship.

QS Undergraduate Scholarship

In 2016 the QS launched a new scholarship for undergraduates worth $10,000 USD. This scholarship can be used to pay academic fees in an undergraduate degree in any university that is included in the QS ranking system. Again, similar to the other two versions of the scholarships to be eligible to apply you must attend an event and submit a 500-word essay.

The International Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship – University of British Colombia, Canada

The International Leader of Tomorrow Scholarship is an undergraduate scholarship that is available to international students who have an outstanding academic record and are in need of financial support. To be eligible, you must have a record of high grades, not have previously studied an undergraduate degree, be an international student and show that you are in need of financial assistance.

Australian Scholarships

University of Adelaide International Student Scholarship

The University of Adelaide in Australia offers international students a generous scholarship. The awards can cover academic fees, health insurance and includes a stipend for postgraduate study. It covers for the whole duration of a two years master’s degree or a three-year PhD. To be eligible you must hold a first-class honours degree of the equivalent.

China Scholarships

The Great Wall Scholarship

If you want to study as an international student in China, then you can apply for the Great Wall Scholarship. Funded by the Chinese Education Ministry, this full scholarship is open to international students from certain countries and anyone from a developing country who wants to study or carry out academic research in China. The programme is facilitated by UNESCO, you can learn more about if you are eligible here.

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