5 Reasons to Apply for Summer Camp USA, from a Camp Counsellor

16 August 2019 | Focus | Guest Author

Summer Camp USA is more than a summer job, it’s a life-changing experience. If you enjoy working with kids and have plenty of energy, it's one that you won’t want to miss out on and one you definitely won’t regret.

How many jobs can you name where the aim is to have as much fun as possible? At Summer Camp USA you’ll spend your days in a beautiful natural setting, teaching the sports and activities you love and making sure your campers have the most memorable summer ever. Think games, camp fires, water sports on the lake, Capture the Flag and laughter 24/7.

I spent three summers at Camp and each time was as fun and exciting as the last. Plus, the benefits of spending a summer at Camp never end!

Applying for Summer Camp USA has never been easier and with expert guidance from work abroad specialists BUNAC, you’ll have support during the whole application process. From visa assistance to face-to-face interviews with Camp Directors at BUNAC’s January Summer Camp USA Job Fairs, you will get all the help you need. Plus, it's THE most cost-effective way to spend a whole summer in the States - your return flights, accommodation and food won't cost you any more than a week in Spain, and you'll even earn money to fund your travels!

1) Travel the States

The USA is an amazing country to explore. You’ll be able to make the most of your days off by discovering the local area and making trips with your fellow Camp Counsellors. One H-U-G-E benefit of working at Camp is the 30 days' travel you are granted at the end of your placement at Camp. With 50 States to discover, each offering something different, this time allows you to travel further, stay longer and see more of America.

2) Boost your CV

Summer Camp USA isn’t like any other summer job. You’ll gain so much from working abroad, and it will become a great talking point on your CV. From leadership and teamwork to communication and independence, the skills you will gain on Summer Camp USA are highly valued in all industries. You’ll show future employers that you have the drive to do something that’s both challenging and rewarding during your summer. Not all summer jobs can allow you to be a role model, team leader and traveller all in one!

3) Make friends from around the world

It’s true what they say: Camp friends make the best friends. After three summers at Camp, I am still just as close to the friends I made there, even if we do live in different parts of the world. Why? Because the bonds you make at Camp and the experiences you share stay with you long after Camp has finished.

4) Be more than just a tourist

Spend three months living the all-American dream at Camp and experience what it’s really like to live in the States. Summer Camp USA is the best type of cultural exchange, allowing you to immerse yourself in the American culture, from the 4th July holiday celebrations to s'mores and Capture the Flag, open your eyes to different ways of life and share a piece of your own culture with others.

5) Gain real life experience

Looking to travel for the first time? Wanting to gain experience working in another country? Wanting a job to fill your summer off university? Working at a Summer Camp offers valuable real-world experience that you can’t gain anywhere else.

Author Bio

Niamh Jarrold is a Sales Specialist at BUNAC, an organisation that has been offering work abroad opportunities since 1962. After spending three summers at Camp, Niamh’s enthusiasm for working abroad, in particular on Summer Camp USA, has led her to join a company that is as passionate about travel as she is, and to use her first-hand experience help others have the same life-changing adventure.


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