5 Reasons to Consider a Green Career

23 May 2019 | Careers Advice | Guest Author

In recent years there’s been a major influence from the green industry on what we do in our daily lives. It’s rare to turn on the TV or even go through a shopping centre without seeing advertisements to do with going green. We want the planet to stay and solutions in the green industry are helping to sustain it.

Not only has this been beneficial for the planet, but it’s also promoted the growth of new jobs in the green industry too. An example of environmentally-friendly jobs are solar PV installers and their employment rates are likely to grow at around 105 percent by 2026. There are ‘green collar’ jobs that can be found in any industry over various regions.

What are green collar jobs?

Essentially, green collar jobs involve the production or service that directly contributes to reducing a negative impact on the earth. They can be a mix of labor and professional roles depending on the industry that you go to. Other examples of green collar roles include pollution control technician, forester, landscape architect and environmental chemist.

A green collar job may not have necessarily crossed your mind when you think of your next step post school, but here are the 5 reasons why you may consider getting into it:

Green collar jobs are growing

Where there may be cuts occurring in some industries, the green collar industry continues to be growing for the better. As there continues to be an emphasis on making sure the planet’s safe, even more job openings are expected due to the niche expertise the roles require in companies such as Eversmart Energy, Viridor and South West Water.

It’s getting the support of the government

Whenever something gets the backing from the government, it’s always to be a positive. This will ensure that it gets the investment that it requires in order to achieve the goal of reducing pollution and carbon emission rates. Investment is also likely to include incentives for green companies which will be positive for those that working in the industry.

Green will be long term

Green culture in a wide variety of companies are yet to be implemented. Whilst some companies tend to start off spreading a green culture, others are in the process of embracing a green culture within their companies. This suggests that green culture will stay for a rather long time. 

Green is seen positive by others

The healthiest part about working in the green sector is that the wider population like it and encourage it. It may not seem like an important factor but it’s good to consider that working with something that the majority of people stand by will promote it more actively.

Green companies are more likely to look after their staff

Employee wellbeing has never been more important to staff as top talent look to company incentives as an attraction for their next role. If a company shows encouraging signs that they’re doing better for society, they’re more than likely to do the same for their employees.

Considering the perks that have been outlined above, it suggests that working for green companies may be the way forward as initiatives are being made to become sustainable. They’re also likely to attract more top talent which will be valuable for the sector in the future.

Alice Porter works closely with Eversmart Energy, to share her knowledge on the environmental sector.

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