Applying to university after the ‘Equal Consideration’ deadline

21 June 2019 | University Advice | Guest Author

For most undergraduate courses, the UCAS deadline was 15th January. Competitive courses such as medicine, veterinary medicine or science, dentistry, and courses at Oxford and Cambridge had the deadline of 15th October 2018. This doesn’t mean you can’t apply after this, it just means your application may not be considered as equally as those who applied before the deadline.

It is a good idea to call the universities you wish to apply to and check if they are considering late applications.

You can apply by creating an UCAS account

When do I need to apply by?

You have up until 6pm on 30th June to apply for UCAS with up to five options of courses. After this you will be entered into clearing with only one choice.

What do I need to apply?

For undergraduate applications, you will need to provide:

  • Education history
  • Paid work history
  • Personal statement
  • Academic reference
  • An application fee

Your academic reference and personal statement will take the most time to sort out so it’s a good idea to start with them first.

A personal statement should be relevant to the courses you’re applying for. It should contain examples of your interests, volunteering or work experience, and why you want to study the course or at that university. Grammar and spelling is very important too so do look out for any mistakes. 

The reference needs to be provided by someone who knows you academically or professionally like a tutor, teacher, headteacher, or employer. An academic reference will add your predicted grades to your application. Speak to them about this before you apply and ask for their contact details so they can be emailed referee instructions. Try to give them as much time as possible and let them know the deadline.

When you get offers, you can find out when the deadlines are to respond by here.

Entering clearing

If you apply after 6pm on 30th June or receive no offers you will be entered into clearing. Clearing starts on the 5th July and will allow you to apply for one undergraduate course to start this year.

Once open, the UCAS clearing vacancies will be available to view and the clearing lines will be ready to call. To apply you need to speak to the university before adding a course to your online application.

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