How to find a part time job

01 December 2015 | Careers Advice | Guest Author

Need some extra pocket money but don’t know where to start? Part time shop jobs in the retail industry are probably the best answer… 

We all know that it can be tough balancing working part time jobs with getting to your classes, doing your homework, enjoying extracurricular activities or just hanging out with friends. But it is the money and the economic necessity which pushes us into working a few hours a week, most likely in a part time shop job, even though we would rather be out doing fun stuff with our friends, not spending a Friday night selling pliers and bolts in a hardware store or stacking supermarket shelves. But someone has to earn the money to pay for all the things we like doing and owning and we shouldn’t always rely on the bank of mum and dad for pocket money! Get out there and earn it yourself!

The retail world is an ideal hunting ground for students to find part time shop jobs and it’s a good choice for work that will fit around your school or college timetable –  many stores stay open late during weekdays and are open at the weekend. Go to the e4s website for some handy hints.

Build your skills

There are many work skills you can pick up in part time shop jobs which could give you a head start in whichever career you choose. You’ll become familiar with things like time management skills, communicating well with new people, handling money and knowing how to conduct yourself effectively in a busy working environment and in public. The retail arena has a good mix of part time shop jobs on offer – read on for a few ideas…

DIY stores and garden centres

If you are hands-on sort of person, a part time shop job in a DIY store a garden centre or a supermarket could be an option for you. You could be doing a bit of everything, from assembling furniture, mixing paint, helping people choose plants, through to doing stock checks, stacking shelves or working on the checkouts.

IT options

Are you technology savvy? Then you might well be interested in spending your spare time working in a mobile phone shop or a computer or electrical goods store. Let’s be honest, when it comes to computers and products like the Apple Watch, phones and tablets, teenagers are usually the go-to guide to how they work. If you feel passionate about technology and have an ever-growing collection of mp3 players, this might well be the perfect part time shop  job for you. Just remember, if you can teach your grandma to use a smart phone, you can teach anyone, so why not earn yourself some money doing it as a part time job?!!

Music to your ears

Are you the type of person who listens to music and catches onto the lyrics straight away? If so, you might really enjoy a part time shop job in a music store. Although digital downloading has changed the music industry significantly, there is still a huge demand for high street record shops – they are popular places for teenagers to hang out and shop, so music retailers will be interested in seeing applications for part time jobs from students who love music.

Sport for all

Do you love, and live in your favourite trainers? Are you a sports fanatic? Why not look into getting part time shop jobs in a sportswear and equipment store, where you’ll be able to give customers advice on different styles of sportswear for all sorts of different sporting activities.

A passion for fashion

If you love clothes and shopping and hunting for the perfect outfit, you should definitely take a look at part time shop jobs in one of your local fashion stores. You will know lots about the latest styles and upcoming trends and you’ll be able to advise customers on the latest look. You usually get a staff discount in clothes stores too, which is a big bonus! Just be careful not to spend all your wages splashing out on the clothes you should be selling!

Anyone for coffee?

Are you always told you make the best tea or coffee at home? Are you a fan of hot drinks? Then a part time shop job at a café could be a great way to earn money.. As a barista, you will be working in a fast-paced environment where you will learn how to master the speed and precision it takes to make all kinds of cups of coffee.

Shop jobs – top tips

You are probably thinking “How do I go and get one of these part time shop jobs?” Well, the answer is, best way is still the old fashioned way! Visit the shops you’d like to work in person, armed with a smile and an up-to-date copy of your curriculum vitae and ask to speak directly to the shop manager. Be confident, and chances are they might well be looking for someone just like you!

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