How to get on the right path to employment

03 February 2017 | Careers Advice | Thomas Peacock

Out there is a world of adventure. A huge smorgasbord of all sorts of jobs and it is an exciting place to be. Very few people start their career knowing what they want to do and this is absolutely normal and you should not worry, Flying Start XP can help you out. We specialise in getting you on the right path and giving you the right skills and behaviours you will need to attract a job offer and be successful in that role.

Here are three key things to get you going:

The first is to remember that you have a natural genius, this is what you are really good at. Every person has one and you just have to look for it. If you measured a frog at digging it would not score well but at jumping it is world class! To find your genius you need to learn what is really important to you and know who you are in a business environment. How do you communicate with others? How do you like others to communicate with you? Do you like detail or big picture? Are you interested in people or passionate about a cause? There are numerous questions that help you narrow down or open up your options. You may have to ask your family and friends to tell you what they think. Don't worry, you don't have to agree with them but it will give you a steer.

The second thing is to gain experience. Ideally start in an area that you might be interested in or if you are not sure, any job will bring you experience. Selling door to door, washing dishes in a restaurant, bar tending will teach you many important skills that you can add to your CV, eg. communication, organisation, working with people, selling, hard graft, operations, collecting payments. These skills will make you effective whatever your career and more than ever businesses are looking for people with them.

Finally, be in the game don't stand on the sidelines. It is better to give it a go and learn by being out of your comfort zone, than to comment on someone else. As you gain experience you will begin to get a feel for what you like and don't like and you can start to build a picture for what really excites you.

So to summarise, get excited, find out who you are in business, get out and build your business skills, be honest with yourself, come and visit Flying Start XP and follow your dreams!

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