How to successfully prepare for an exam

17 October 2016 | Careers Advice | Guest Author

Surely, all feel pressured and frightened when they hear the word "exam". Exam can make or break one's career or studies, nevertheless, you can be successful with it, as long as you prepare for your exam right, and you will never never fail.

You want successful ways? Read below and you will definitely achieve the result that you expect.

Give yourself enough time to study

Cramming will never work at all, give yourself enough time to study. Time is important to ensure that all things you need to absorb and study can be done at the right pace.

Organise your study space

Make your study area organised. The comfort and ease of studying in a place that is highly organised, where all your books, notes and all your review materials are positioned at the right places will make one review more effective. Knowing where to get all your review materials once you need them will not just make your review effective but highly efficient as well.

Use flow charts and diagrams

One of the fastest ways for one to remember what they are studying or reviewing is through the use of charts and diagrams. Some find it easier to remember things through illustrations than plain text.

Use creative techniques

Creating effective ways like memorising lines through acronyms or putting them into a hymn etc. Make your review a bit fun and exciting yet effective.

Use online study tools

There are online study tools that one can make use of, learning study tutor for example, where you can get a tutor to help you as you study, can help you prepare better for your exam. Take advantage of the available tools online, where you can make your study and review with ease.

Practice an old exam

Practice yourself through the use of different exams you have taken previously. Re-write the questionnaires and make use of those paperworks as your review material. This is highly effective especially that most of the time, those questions may come out again on your next exams, if not exactly, making use of those as refresher can help you on your next exam date.

Explain your answers to others

Keeping your responses to yourself is definitely not enough, letting others hear your answers can be a huge help. Having someone else to listen and interpret your answers can give you better idea whether you are giving the right response or not, asking for someone else's opinion is definitely a must.

Take regular breaks

One needs to understand that over studying may be useless, give yourself breaks, smoke (if you do), watch television etc. Do not do things with exaggeration; taking in between breaks can definitely help you a lot. Your brain needs time to recuperate in order to absorb new information. Although, breaks should not be taken too long or too frequent, you might feel too relaxed, thus getting back on your momentum to review and study may be hard.

Sleep and eat well

Sleeping and eating well is something you need to do together with your reviews. Sleeping can help your brain rest well and will able the brain to absorb newer information. Eat, eat, eat, this will help you consume the most number of information possible. Foods like berries, dark chocolates, peanuts are foods with high antioxidants and highly recommended to those who have clearer and sharper brain.

Plan your exam day

Which subject will come first etc., schedule and plan ahead. Planning can give you more effective means and ways of studying. During the day of the examination, it is necessary that you are well prepared not just with the knowledge but as well as things you need as you take the examination, pen, paper, calculator etc.

Drink plenty of water

Hydrate! Drink lots of water while reviewing and during the exam day itself. Filling your body with enough water intakes is necessary to ensure that you are not filling tired or weak.

Deal with your anxiety

Some examiners feel anxious whether they can make it or not, or pressure is kicking in, thus anxiety is all over their system. Something that an examiner would need to understand is that, they need to manage the anxiety they feel, in order for them to perform and review better. Try to relax, this can surely help you a lot.

Before and during the examination day, one should be completely ready to ensure that they can pass the exam they take with flying colours. It is necessary that one is ready physically, emotionally and mentally, to keep them ahead of their game. Exam is not something that one should be afraid of, but rather something that one should be ready and prepared. Take the tips above and see for yourself the advantages these can serve you.

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