19 September 2016 | Focus | Guest Author

What is your most memorable interview experience (as the interviewer)?

I have had many memorable experiences (both positive and negative), but the ones that clearly stick in my mind are when the interviewee tells me something I didn't know - making the interview so interesting! I can remember one particular School Leavers candidate who talked me through a project IBM was currently completing in Africa in order to improve the local health infrastructure, by drawing on data and methods used in quantum physics! A very complex scenario, but also explained in a very understandable way.

Which person dead or alive inspires you?

Ginni Rometty - CEO of IBM. Ginni is the first female CEO of IBM and has taken the company through a huge transformation since 2012. She has also been named amongst the World's 100 Most Powerful People by Forbes and 50 Most Influential by Bloomberg several times - truly inspiring!

What is the best piece of advice given to you about your career?

YES to as many things as possible! This has given me so many exciting opportunities and opened so many doors.

What do you like most about working for IBM?

I am proud to work for IBM due to the life-changing work it is involved in, leading so many amazing worldwide projects. Additionally the day-to-day atmosphere of the company can be described as welcoming and supportive, this work environment and my colleagues at IBM mean I thoroughly enjoy my job!

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