Student spotlight: Journalism at University of Roehampton

31 January 2022 | University Advice | Guest Author

Laura is in her 2nd year studying a BA Hons in Journalism with a Foundation Year at the University of Roehampton. Throughout this article she talks about the beautiful London-based campus, the student support they provide and her favourite things about her course!

University of Roehampton Student 


First, I decided on the degree I wanted to study. Once I decided I wanted to study journalism it was a question of which university I would go to. It wasn’t the easiest to find a campus university that would work for me.

I looked at quite a few Universities and attended a few open days before I found Roehampton. I applied before I saw the university in person, I was so confident that I would love the University. I’m so glad I did apply because it ended up being the perfect place for me.

A big thing for me was going to a campus university instead of one that is spread out all over London. Most of the time it doesn’t feel like Roehampton is in London because of how green the campus is. Roehampton is also near enough to my home that I could live at home if I wanted.

The feature that attracted me to Roehampton was how beautiful the campus is, it’s really nice just walking around campus. The support they can offer is great, the fact that the University is not massive means that they can treat each student as an individual. Everyone I have met at Roehampton are friendly. I enjoy hearing about different people’s backgrounds.

I really liked that Roehampton has the option to complete a foundation year before diving into the degree. This allowed me to settle in and get used to the University before properly starting my degree. I still worked hard on my foundation year. The module I was most nervous about on the foundation year was the maths module, I had struggled with maths a bit at school. However, my teacher was good at explaining things and with lots of hard work I passed.

I’m really enjoying studying journalism at Roehampton, and I really like the David Bell building which is the new media centre on campus. Journalism isn’t the only course run by the media department, so I get to meet people on different but similar courses to me.

One of the best things about the course is it is easy to talk to the lecturer one to one, which I like because I can then make sure I understand the course. The lecturers also look at one draft of your work and give feedback before it is submitted, I like this because then I can be sure that I have done my best with the work.

One of my favourite parts of the course has been learning how to use audio and video packages in journalism. I also really enjoyed the feature writing module which is part of the second-year modules.

When I first came to Roehampton my writing skills were quite inconsistent. However now my writing has improved a lot and I know how to improve and make my writing the best that it can be.

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