Jaguar Landrover Apprenticeship Case Study

15 December 2015 | Focus | Thomas Peacock

Which locations are you currently targeting?

Any if people are mobile, but 90% of our roles are based in the West Midlands/Warwickshire area.

Which age group are you targeting?

Any - minimum entry requirement for the apprentice scheme is over 16 yrs of age upon starting. There is no upper age limit.

What grades do you require?

It varies by scheme. Advanced apprentice schemes are 5x GCSEs at Grade C+ incl Maths, English & Science. Eng degree apprenticeships require 2x A-levels at grade C+ in Maths and a Science on top (or a Level 3 180 credit Engineering or Technical qualification)

What are the job titles for the positions available / course titles offered?

Advanced Apprentice (Engineering), Degree Apprentice (Engineering), Degree Apprentice (Finance Accountancy).

What makes an application stand out?

Enthusiasm, passion, commitment, desire to learn and contribute.

Is your organisation involved in any CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects?

Yes. Outreach programmes to encourage children in to STEM careers, links with charitable institutions such as Red Cross and Born Free Foundation etc.

What salary are you offering your apprentices/school leaver programmes? (per annum)


Are there any international travel opportunities on your school leaver scheme?


The best thing about working at your company is...

We have ambitious plans for grow and we want people who want to be part of them and contribute. There are great opportunities and we will provide awarding-winning training schemes and desirable qualifications to help you make the most of them.

Jaguar Landrover Apprenticeship Case Study

Thomas Lines – Jaguar Land Rover Engineering Degree Apprentice

Thomas Lines joined Jaguar Land Rover’s Degree Apprenticeship programme in September 2012 having spent three years in the army with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers where he achieved A-Levels in Maths, Physics and Electronics. On leaving the army at 19 Thomas decided to pursue his passion for engineering with a degree at Newcastle University but when the financial burden became too much he was forced to leave his studies and take on a full-time job.

Thomas said: “It was devastating to have to leave university and take on a full time job that did not fulfil my long term aspirations of working within the engineering sector, but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise as it led me to Jaguar Land Rover and an apprenticeship with combines relevant academic study and real world experience. Today I earn a competitive salary, learn new things every day and work for an amazing company; it really has been a fantastic opportunity.”

Since joining Jaguar Land Rover Thomas completed his foundation degree and a series of NVQ’s designed to impart the skills and knowledge required in his role within Design Technical. Thomas has also been an ambassador for the Jaguar Land Rover Apprenticeship programme at a number of high profile external events including The People’s Policy Forum.

Speaking of his time with the company Thomas said: “My time at Jaguar Land Rover has been incredibly rewarding. Knowing that over the coming years I will develop the skills I need to work for a premium car manufacturer and hold my own amongst the some of the best engineers in the automotive industry is more than I could have hoped for a year ago.” Over the next three years Thomas complete a full undergraduate degree in engineering with The University of Warwick to attain a BEng in Applied Engineering – and all of the fees are paid for by Jaguar Land Rover. In addition Thomas will embark on a number of placements to broaden his understanding of both his ‘home’ and related departments.

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