Lloyds Banking Group School Leaver Scheme

17 December 2015 | Focus | Guest Author

Which locations are you currently targeting?

We recruit across the UK (in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man) in our Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland branches. We also have vacancies in many of our larger business ‘hubs’ eg London, Bristol, Cardiff/Newport, Birmingham, Leeds/Halifax, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast. Have a look at our website for current vacancy locations.

Which age group are you targeting?

Open to all ages

What grades do you require?

Proficient in English and Maths (GCSE Level).

What are the job titles for the positions available/course titles offered?

We have programmes in the following business areas: Financial Management, Customer & Business Management, Business & Innovation Technology, People Strategy and Customer Facing.

What makes an application stand out?

You will stand out if you are able to demonstrate that you know about Lloyds Banking Group (eg our different brands) and who our competitors are. What’s just as important is that you can explain in your application and at an interview, why you’d really like to do the type of work and apprenticeship you’ve applied for. We're looking for people with a real passion for what they want to do. Have a look at our corporate website to find out more about us: www.lloydsbankinggroup.com

Is your organisation involved in any CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects?


What salary are you offering your apprentices/school leaver programmes? (per annum)

£10K-20K. Typically this would range from £288 per week to £403 (based on 35hrs per week) depending on the role. Salary information is always included in all our vacancies.

Are there any international travel opportunities on your school leaver scheme?


Apprenticeship Case Study: Xavier Williams Financial Sanctions Analyst/Investigator 18

How did you apply for Lloyds Banking Group?

I was looking to open a Lloyds Bank account and came across the Lloyds Banking Group Careers site. I filtered down the search by choosing an apprenticeship in Birmingham where I live. There were a lot of apprenticeships going when I applied but I chose the one that sounded most interesting, Financial Sanctions Analyst. I then went through the online application process which was quite tough. After completing the online assessment, I was invited for an interview. •

What was the induction like?

The induction was a very good experience, over the course of two days. The first day was in the training centre in Birmingham, where we learned about Lloyds Banking Group as a whole, the different parts of the organisation and its values. The second day was all about my new role. Over the two days I made a lot of friends who I am still friends with now. The induction was both formal and informal, making it a comfortable environment to learn something new – and we knew we had to demonstrate that we’d taken in all the training. We completed three tests which we had to pass to prove this. However, prior to taking each test, we worked as a team to come up with the best notes to help us when taking the assessments. •

What do you do on a daily basis?

I work in the Customer Screening Unit in a team dealing with money laundering and ‘Politically Exposed Persons’ (PEPs), and check customers’ details against prescribed criteria. A bit like ‘spot the difference’! We have a profile for our PEP and we have to see if they match our customer – we get information on the PEP and customer from various source systems, and then have to build a case attaching the evidence that we have found, writing an in-depth description about the evidence and how it supports our decision of them being a match or not. This case will then be passed to reviewers for one final check before being submitted.

What do you enjoy most?

Working alongside my colleagues! The team morale here is really good. Everyone has a bad day from time to time but there is nothing better than having people there supporting you on days like that. I have made a lot of ‘lifetime’ friends who have taught me a lot and taken me under their wing.

What skills are necessary to perform well?

Communication skills are important; having the ability and confidence to communicate to everyone and anyone at any given moment. Being a team player is also very important; there are times where you will need to be as helpful and approachable as you can, e.g. showing a new starter around on their first day. It’s about building morale from the outset. Analytical skills are crucial in my department, being able to analyse data and apply information to the correct systems is important. Finally, having a positive attitude in any situation, and making sure the work you are providing is of a high quality to motivate colleagues when they are feeling under pressure.

What advice would you give to someone applying to Lloyds Banking Group?

Take time to fill out the application form; it should not be rushed, remember this is your future. Lloyds Banking Group has a lot to offer. There’s opportunity for promotion and progression and in this role I’ve even been overseas! That’s in addition to having a permanent job from ‘Day One’ and great benefits such as 22 days’ holiday, a bonus scheme and low mortgage rates! So be confident when applying and going for the interview, they want to see ambitious individuals who, regardless of what previous experience they’ve had, have used their personal skills and could transfer these to a role in the Group.

How has the Lloyds Banking Group apprenticeship/school leaver programme affected your career prospects?

Lloyds Banking Group has opened many doors for me. After my apprenticeship I am going to undergo further education at a higher level, looking at diplomas or maybe a university degree in my field of work. I have been here just under a year and I have already become a designated trainer, run workshops with my colleagues, travelled up and down the country, and been overseas! Who knows what Lloyds Banking Group will offer me in a few years time; it can only continue to get better.

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