Ongoing support available to international students

25 April 2019 | Advice for International Students | Guest Author

This article was provided by Liverpool Hope University, you can find out more about their international programmes here.


Support for international students before arrival

Getting support during the application process and pre-university arrival is very important for those looking to study in the UK. Part of coming to university is that it should become a second home for students. Here is some of the support you should expect from any university before you arrive.

  • Good contact with the international recruitment team: During the application process you should have been in contact with someone from the University's international recruitment team. These teams are true wizards when it comes to answering queries in regards to courses fees, entry requirements, English language requirements, scholarships and the application process. These teams are super friendly and always willing to answer any questions you may have about the university.
  • The Student Room and other online communication platforms: One of the best things that you can do as an international student is to use the Student Room and other online communication platforms to learn about life as a student in the UK. These services are very easy to use but can answer key questions you may have about student life from the perspective of current students. You can also list yourself as an incoming student so that you can meet other students online before you arrive at the university in person.
  • Pre-arrival information designed to help you get settled in: The pre-arrival information is designed to help international students get safely to the university, settle in and get comfortable. These documents will have helpful information on arriving at the airport and getting to the university. They also have planned trips around the university/local area to help you feel more welcome and experience the culture of the community. For example, LHU's international students visit the historic Roman city of Chester, the Albert Docks and our two amazing cathedrals.

Support for international students while at university

Once you are at university, you are now part of the ‘student body’, a consciously developing academic and social community. Here are some of the places you can get support during your studies.

  • International Hub: The International Hub will be a designed space in the university where students can visit the international support team. At LHU and many others, regular lunchtime drop-in sessions are available to come to have a good cup of English Breakfast Tea and chat.
  • Student Union: The Student Union is a place for you to raise concerns about your course or the university. Many Student Unions are part of the National Union of Students (NUS), a voluntary membership organisation which promotes, defends and extends the rights of students and develops and champions strong students’ unions. If you are interested this is something you can get involved in.
  • Clubs and Societies: As well as NUS business, the Students Union also organise lots of different clubs and societies, ranging from gaelic football, cheerleading and a ‘Good Game Nerds Society’. Although, these teams often compete against other universities, the real draw is that they are another section of the wider university community that can be a significant support network.
  • Student support and wellbeing: The academic requirements at university can be tough. This can be made even harder for international students if a sufficient support network is not in place. All universities are now investing resources into developing a strong ethos for student support and wellbeing.
  • Resident Tutors: Life in Halls of Residence can be one of the best experiences of going to university. However, if you ever need to talk to someone about how you are feeling the Resident Tutors are amazing. They also organise many events across the year that give international students a taste of home. For example, at LHU our Resident tutors regularly organise events in the Trinity Room, Aigburth Park, to celebrate Diwali, the Super-Bowl and Eid.    


Support for international students after graduating

  • Employability Hub: Something the all international students will be able to access after they have graduated is a universities employability/careers advice team. These teams are designed to guide graduates through an increasingly competitive job market. Indeed, For example, the employability team can help build your CV and improve interview skills.
  • Getting connected via alumni: One of the best parts of a university is the alumni. This allows you to keep in contact with your fellow students after you leave and is a great way to begin networking for future career. In addition, you receive regular contact from the university via your alumni bulletin, which details the latest news and opportunities at the university.


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