The Automated Technology Group Academy Apprenticeship Programme

11 December 2015 | Focus | Guest Author

Which locations are you currently targeting?

Bedfordshire and West Midlands

Which age group are you targeting?

16 to 23 years

What grades do you require?

A minimum of 5 GCSEs which include A – C in English, Maths and Science

What are the job titles for the positions available / course titles offered?

Engineering Apprentice

What makes an application stand out?

With the apprenticeship combining on-the-job training, on-site work, technical learning and computer-based work, The Automated Technology Group is looking for apprentices who show passion for technology and are keen to further themselves. While having previous work experience is not essential, it is important for applicants to demonstrate a strong work ethic, showing dedication to qu ality, ambition to succeed and interest in the way things work and in developing practical skills. In return, they will be able to start a fantastic career with a young thriving company offering many exciting opportunities, not just in the UK but worldwide as well.

Is your organisation involved in any CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects?


What salary are you offering your apprentices/school leaver programmes? (per annum)

Starting salary from £160 to £180 per week

Are there any international travel opportunities on your school leaver scheme?


The best thing about working at your company is...

Working on sites for leading brands, including Jaguar Land Rover, allows apprentices to gain practical experience and develop skills in installation, wiring, electrical design, robotics, commissioning and software design. The Automated Technology Group also provides industry-specific training courses.

The Academy Apprenticeship Programme

From seeing an advert in the local paper to working on projects for Jaguar Land Rover and having their hard work recognised by industry specialists, apprentices Bradley Crisp, Matthew Cox and Daniel Bullock and former apprentice James Ellis answer questions and share their experience of being part of The Automated Technology Group Academy apprenticeship programme.

While Bradley is in the second year of the programme, Matthew and Daniel are in their fourth years and are now considered trainee engineers. They are currently doing their final placements and studying for their HNC as part of the programme’s fourth year, while James has already finished his apprenticeship and now is continuing his career with The Automated Technology Group as a trainee engineer.

What made you choose to start your engineering career by doing an apprenticeship?

JE: In my opinion, doing an apprenticeship offers a more ‘hands on’ approach to learning which I felt suited me more. It also offers a chance to get experience and education at the same time.

DB: Being the first year group to have to cope with the increase in University fees, upon completing my A-Levels I decided to opt for an apprenticeship allowing me to gain both qualifications and experience - whilst earning!

MC: Gaining experience while you learn would definitely be the main reason. Unfortunately, going to university doesn’t guarantee a job when you finish, so for me the apprenticeship route was the best way to go.

How did you find out about The ATG Academy?

BC: I found out about The ATG Academy through one of the company’s Robotics engineers. After applying and getting a job interview, my CV was passed to The Academy manager who then invited me to an apprenticeship job interview.

MC and JE: We both saw adverts about the apprenticeship in our local newspapers and applied for the job online. Being based in the area and looking to start a career in engineering, it really stood out as an amazing opportunity.

DB: I actually found out about The Academy after completing work experience at a different engineering company. The industry really appealed to me, so I decided to try and continue my studies and training with The Automated Technology Group.

What made the apprenticeship with ATG stand out as your first choice?

MC: While most of the engineering apprenticeships were mainly focused on trade jobs such as plumbing, brick laying and so forth, the apprenticeship with The ATG Academy offered an opportunity to gain experience in a wide range of areas, of which Automation particularly stood out to me. When I saw the advert I was immediately interested, so I researched all about the company and quickly applied because I thought it was a great opportunity to get into a thriving business.

BC: Not only did the apprenticeship offer experience in an industry that I found very interesting, but both the company and the facilities (Silsoe head office) really made an impression on me during the interview. In addition, I learned that the business is growing and offering more and more opportunities for employees, which only added to my enthusiasm about joining the company.

What projects did you get an opportunity to get involved in and what skills did they help you develop?

DB: I have been involved in many of the company’s major projects, including both on-site and office positions covering many different roles. After working at Land Rover with the team of electricians installing the body shop for the Range Rover, I moved to work as part of the Robotics Simulation department. I worked on various projects for Jaguar Land Rover, including completing an individually assigned simulation project. I then joined the Controls Team as a PLC Engineer where I have gained experience working on projects such as the Jaguar XE, Jaguar XF and building body stores across Jaguar Land Rover sites. All in a short 3 years!

JE: I have had opportunities to work on various sites for Jaguar Land Rover. Within these projects I have been able to gain practical experience and develop skills in installation, wiring, electrical design, robotics, commissioning and software design. Working throughout all these sectors has given me a good understanding of how each project works from start to finish. In addition, The Automated Technology Group supplied us with a broad variety of training courses that are all valuable within the industry.

What’s a typical day as an apprentice at The Automated Technology Group?

BC: My typical day normally consists of being placed with an experienced senior member of staff who then trains apprentices to carry out tasks specific to their role throughout the day. Everyone is also assigned an individual task, to see how we perform and what we have learnt during the training. Senior staff are always there to provide us with help or explain certain aspects of the job if anyone has any questions. The atmosphere within the company is very friendly, all the existing staff and apprentices try to make you feel welcome and comfortable so that you can learn well.

MC: Once I arrive to work, I go to see my project manager and see what I will be doing for the day. Normally I help out one of the more senior engineers to pick up key points within a job and take note of them for future reference. After receiving training, I have an opportunity to complete the task whilst being supervised. Once the job has been finished I report back to my project manager to tell him the task has been completed and then receive the next job.

What has been the most rewarding about the role so far?

DB: For me the most rewarding part is definitely handing over the area you have been working on to the Jaguar Land Rover production staff and watching incredible luxury cars being built whilst feeling partially responsible.

MC: Knowing that your hard work is recognised by the company is an absolutely amazing feeling. Last year I received a gift voucher as well as a bonus which really motivated me to try even harder this year for my HNC.

What are your career goals after completing the apprenticeship?

BC: After the apprenticeship I hope to become a Robotics Engineer or work on-site as a Software or Controls Engineer. I am also very focused on my education and hope to be able to achieve my HNC, HND and also my BSc in Electronic and Electrical Engineering.

MC: I would also like to become a Software Engineer. It would also be amazing to receive the IET signature, as I would like to try to achieve either an Incorporated Engineer or a Chartered Engineer status and make my knowledge and experience internationally recognised.

DB: My aim is to continue gathering higher qualifications whilst working for The Automated Technology Group and to gain the necessary experience to have a successful career within the industry.

JE: I have completed my apprenticeship and am currently studying for my HNC. I would like to continue studying to complete my HND whilst training to be a PLC and Software Engineer within The Automated Technology Group.


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