Top ten employability skills

01 December 2015 | Careers Advice | Thomas Peacock

It’s really important to be aware of employability skills, even while you’re still at school – it’s never too early to start preparing yourself for the world of work…

Way before you have to start earning your own living, you can start working on the skills and qualities you’ll need for writing a great CV, applying for jobs, doing well in interviews and eventually, for doing your job well.

The top ten employability skills checklist

  • Look at all the things on the list below and ask yourself, “How good am I at this?”
  • Note the ones you’re good at and work them into your CV
  • Note the ones you need improve and work out how you can do so – your parents and teachers can help you with this

1. Excellent verbal communication skills

Can you speak clearly and talk to people effectively, face to face, in a group and on the phone?  

2. Good written communication skills

Can you write, spell and express yourself clearly in an essay, in an email and in a letter?

3. Team work skills

Do you work confidently and communicate well with other people in a group, to achieve a common goal? Are you prepared to help others and put their needs before your own?

4. Good research skills

Can you gather and analyse information in an organised way, to solve problems and answer specific questions?

5. Lots of initiative and self-motivation

Can you work things out, spot a good solution to a particular problem, come up with good ideas, be proactive and sort things out on your own?

6. Lots of drive

Are you always determined to get things done, make things happen and find the best way of doing them? Do you approach all your projects with energy and enthusiasm?

7. Excellent planning and organisational skills

Can you plan and organise things efficiently?

8. The ability to be flexible at work

Can you adapt quickly and successfully to changes in your situation or your surroundings?

9. The ability to manage your time

Can you prioritise tasks, work to strict deadlines and manage your time successfully?  

10. Business awareness

When you’re filling in an application form for a job or going for an interview, do you prepare properly by doing some serious research into the people or the business you want to work for, so that you’re ready for their questions – and have some of your own to ask?

So that’s the list. Each of the skills relate to attitudes and behaviours that will help you succeed in the constantly changing work environment. Mastering them will definitely improve your chances in life and help you to accomplish your ambitions.

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