What is UCAS Extra?

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UCAS is an independent charity service for the students to help to find universities for graduation and post-graduation. Almost all the UK universities follow the UCAS site for their admissions. As it is a free tool, students register themselves in the portal with all the details, and they are allowed to apply for 5 of their choices in Universities for free.

Now, what if, no admission offers were received from those 5 applications? Here comes the UCAS Extra into the picture.

What is UCAS Extra?

UCAS Extra is nothing but free access for the students who wish to study in the UKand registered through the UCAS website. This feature helps to apply for more courses as long as the student is not holding any approved offer or waiting for a decision on the first five applications. This option is a great opportunity for students who applied through UCAS but didn’t receive any offers.

How to apply to use UCAS Extra?

There is no need to apply separately for UCAS extra. The “Add Extra Choice” option will appear on the UCAS tracking page in the choices section automatically for the eligible candidates.

When can you apply for UCAS Extra?

UCAS Extra opens on February 25th and the deadline for it is July 4th. And in this period, students can start applying to their desired courses. If no offer is received even through extra, they can opt for clearings.

UCAS Extra Highlights: 

• Absolutely “no limit” on adding courses to the application. But you can consider only one at a time.

• No fees for UCAS extra. It is completely free of cost.

• Students who accepted the offer from Extra cannot reject and move to clearings. In the case of not meeting the university requirements, they will become automatically eligible for Clearings.

• One can cancel their choices which are under waiting for decision status and add an extra choice for another course. Make this move carefully as this can prevent the university to decide on your application.

How to add more choices through Extra?

1. Select a course from the UCAS Search Tool filtering which has vacancies in a respected University.

2. Contact the university to check whether they can consider your application for admission.

3. If everything goes well, add the details to your application and apply for the new course.

4. If the course you applied for is a new subject, add in the personal statement which can enhance your profile.

5. Wait for the University's decision on your application. If you don’t receive any reply in 21 days, you can add another choice.

6. If you receive acceptance from University, reply within the given time, or else the application will be automatically declined.

A note of Conclusion:

UCAS Extra feature is a good opportunity for the students to get that “one more chance” to find the right university for higher studies free of cost.

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