What's the point in that subject?

21 January 2020 | Careers Advice | Rachel Parker

Unfortunately, many young people fail to see the relevance of certain subjects in relation to what they might want to do in the future. Why study Drama when you don’t want to be an actor? Why study History if my future job is nothing to do with the past?

Of course there are many broad reasons for studying a subject, beyond a simple focus on the content of a subject. However, explanations from teachers often fall on deaf ears because those cynical youngsters would expect such a vociferous defence from someone so passionate about their subject. What about those professionals out there in the ‘real world’? How do they reflect on the subjects they studied at school? Were they pointless or do they feel they are still relevant in the work they do today?

These are questions I sought to find the answers to when I spoke to professionals from a wide range of job sectors. 13 subjects are included in the series called ‘What’s the Point in…?’

If your children are contemplating GCSE or A level options, then this is an ideal resource for them to use. Click here to download your free copies.

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