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28 September 2017 | News | Thomas Peacock

A new school year has begun! Hopefully now that the first few weeks are over, you’re starting to feel more settled in your new classes, you are getting used to a new schedule and you are raring to get on with the year ahead! All you need now are the tools to help you succeed. And what could be better than a brand new laptop for a brand new school year?

Imagine if that laptop had a 360° rotation function, transforming into multiple modes for when you’re on the move. Or what if it had 9 whole hours of battery life, lasting the entire day at school or college without needing to find a power outlet. Do you know what would make that laptop even better? “Even better?!”, I hear you ask. Well, what if it also had a HD display AND touch screen? I know what you’re thinking, laptops that good are just too expensive. Well, stop what you’re doing and tell everyone, this is not a drill! You, yes YOU, could win this very laptop!

What Career Live? and What University Live? are giving you the chance to win an ASUS Chromebook Flip! And it couldn’t be easier to enter. All you have to do is these two teeny-weeny things:

  • Complete our survey
  • Give us a like or follow on one of our social media platforms 

The survey is super short (just 3 minutes!) and we just want to know what you are planning on doing once you leave school, even if you’re not sure yet. And it's up to you whether you want to follow us on Twitter, follow our Instagram page, or like us on Facebook (or all three if you’re feeling generous!). In order to be eligible to win, you need to make sure you complete both steps. Our beady-eyed team here at What Next will be checking!

It really is that simple! So what are you waiting for?! This amazing prize could be yours very soon. The competition ends Wednesday 11th October so don’t hang around. Oh, and good luck!

Enter the survey here.

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