Aberystwyth University

University Profile

Aberystwyth provides a transformative education. All first-year students are guaranteed accommodation and get free gym membership! We also have scholarships and bursaries available worth up to £15,000 a year!

Aberystwyth is located in idyllic countryside on the Welsh coast and is recognised as one of the safest universities and towns in UK. It is also top four for student satisfaction! The University has a wide range of degrees available, including foundation levels, integrated masters, and Year in Employment schemes.

There is a wealth of opportunity available to students over and above the academic excellence; through involvement with 100+ Sports Clubs and Societies, the International Erasmus Exchange, and free Lifelong Learning Courses.

Together, our students and staff provide a welcoming community in which students can be proud of and develop to be the best they can be.
*University of the Year for Teaching Quality 2018 & 2019*


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