Academic Underdogs

Company Profile

At Academic Underdogs, we try to understand how the choices people make in their youth effect their lives in adulthood. We use our research to find or create solutions to the problems you face as a young person growing up in the UK.

Our books, workshops and mentorship programmes provide some of these solutions. For other problems, that we haven’t got around to solving yet, we point you towards the people who have.

How we find answers
We identified common questions relevant to young people and then researched and debated each of these to find the most important ones to focus on. We narrowed them down to the following:

- In today’s world, how do you build a satisfying life?
- What makes a good career?
- Do you really have to go to school?
- How do you achieve top grades?
- Is university worth it?
- What should you do with your life?

Our key ideas page shows what we learned and the answers we found. Some answers are definitive, backed by strong evidence and agreed upon by significant parts of the scientific community.

While for others, particularly questions that haven’t been looked at by researchers, we drew upon the ‘collective wisdom’ of experts and used our own good old common sense. In other words, we tried our very best!

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Anshul, CEO of Academic Underdogs will be speaking at What Career Live? & What University Live? in Birmingham and London.

Anshul is a TEDx speaker and the #1 Best Selling Author of How to ACE Your GCSEs & A-Levels. His mission is to help 16-25-year-olds achieve their goals and ambitions. His books have held the top spot on Amazon for 3 consecutive years, sold more copies than all competitor titles combined and amassed over 250 four- and five-star reviews. Anshul’s new book series ‘Level Up’ - comprised of three books (How To ACE Your Degree, How To Land Your Dream Graduate Job and How to Be Admired & Respected) - helps school leavers figure out what they’re good at and secure their dream job.

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