ACM (The Academy of Contemporary Music)

University Profile

ACM (The Academy of Contemporary Music) is the UK's leading music industry education provider, made up of ACM Guildford, ACM London, and ACM Birmingham. ACM has been training artists, musicians, producers and entrepreneurs for careers in the creative industries since 1995 and gives those who want to make music their life, the necessary skills and attributes to successfully fulfil their creative ambitions.

Our courses represent every corner of the industry, with full-time programmes in Music Performance, Production, Technical Service, Creative Artistry, Games Development, and Business. By choosing ACM, you can look forward to an immersive, award-winning education that matches up the highest quality of teaching with unparalleled student experiences.

Whichever campus you choose, we’ll turn your course into a career by introducing and connecting you to the people and organisations you need to know the most, making ACM the perfect environment in which to build a network that’ll have your back as you enter the creative industries, together.


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