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Imagine working on something that you can't test - but cannot afford to fail. For nearly 70 years, AWE has been at the forefront of nuclear warhead research and development. AWE employs 5,500 women and men undertaking some of the most important work to support the most important mission – keeping the nation safe. We have some of the most brilliant people, working on some of the most complex challenges.

In the near future, AWE could be asked to start the process of conceiving, designing, manufacturing, and commissioning a replacement system. This will be by the next generation of people and why our Future Careers Programme is so important. We will need to recruit, train and develop around 6,000 scientists, engineers, technologists, machinists, designers, and people that support some of the most complex facilities and operations.

We are proud of our commitment to development - our apprentice and graduate schemes; and the opportunities to grow and develop.


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