Company Profile

At BP, we deliver energy products and services around the world. From finding, developing and producing oil and gas resources, to refining, manufacturing and selling related products directly to customers and on the global markets. And as a global energy business, one of our main focuses is to keep producing energy while lowering carbon in a safe, sustainable and consistent way. This way we all keep advancing towards a cleaner future.

It is only by bringing together diverse people in one, world-class team, that everyone succeeds. Our engineers, technology developers, geoscientists, traders, HR professionals, commercial analysts and many more, all have a huge part to play within our business. And when joining the Early Talent Programmes, young professionals have a part to play too.

Our apprenticeship and school leaver programmes give new joiners a platform to become business leaders. To develop future talent, we have apprenticeship opportunities in either Technology, Trading operations or HR. We also offer an Integrated Supply and Trading school leaver programme. BP’s diverse and inclusive environment focuses on teamwork, respect and ambition, as much as on academic achievements. Here, you’ll have a real chance to contribute at any stage of the energy life cycle, build a great career and achieve your goals - all while making a meaningful impact for millions.


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