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Civil Nuclear Constabulary

We are the Civil Nuclear Constabulary. We’re responsible for the armed protection of the civil nuclear industry – whether it’s on-site or in transit. We also work with local police services, nuclear regulators and central government. And we’re now playing a vital role in counter terrorism.

To do all of this, we employ over 1,500 officers and staff, and give them everything they need to succeed. In fact, all of our officers get the knowledge to become some of the most highly-skilled firearms professionals in the country. So we know how to give people the best start to an exceptional career.

When you join us as an Officer, you’ll start with a comprehensive 17-week training programme, which includes our highly regarded firearms training. It will see you combine your observational and communication skills with your resilience to become an effective Police Officer. We’ll also help you keep up with the required fitness levels and standards needed to be an Authorised Firearms Officer throughout your time with us. 

Once you’ve passed your probationary period, you’ll get the chance to join one of our specialisms: 

Dog Handler – all our dog handlers have two dogs, a GP (general purpose) dog or an explosive search dog

Police Medic – our police medics are trained to Paramedic Standard and receive enhanced skills to deal with different types of casualties.

Project Servator – Project Servator officers are specially trained officers who can be deployed across the UK, and are trained to detect serious crime. 


Strategic Escort Group – or SEG. These officers work on our specialist escort teams, and work across the world escorting nuclear material by road, rail or sea. These officers receive enhanced training and pay whilst away on deployment.

Special Branch- these officers are our detectives. These highly trained individuals gather intelligence and information from across the UK and work with other agencies in the fight against serious crime and terrorism.

Specialist Firearms Teams – these officers are highly trained to deal with major incidents on our sites. They are trained to rescue hostages from buildings, specialist search teams and dynamic entry into hostile environments.

Firearms Instructors – Our firearms instructors train our firearms officers in the skills they need to meet our objectives. As a firearms instructor you could be training new recruits or members of another Police Force in Police Firearms tactics. These instructors are some of the best in the UK. 


Our Police officers are some of the best in the UK. The CNC provides armed protection to each of the UK’s civil nuclear sites. However at times of need, when the UK is under threat from terrorist attacks, the CNC has been deployed across the UK as part of Operation Temperer. Under this, you could find yourself deployed to a major event such as a pop concert, providing armed protection, or to the streets of a major UK city to provide high visibility patrols.

We have worked at several major events over the last few years. CNC officers were sent to the London Olympics, to the G8 summit and to other major events.

No two days are the same, so if you want to be exceptional, look toward a career in the Civil Nuclear Constabulary.

For further information please visit or call our recruitment teams on 03303 135401 


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