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EarnLearn.co.uk will be delivering skills workshops at What Career Live? & What University Live? in Birmingham and Liverpool. Get your free tickets here to take part.

Students can expect to leave these interactive 45-minute sessions with the following skills:

  • How to decide what your options ACTUALLY are!

  • What you can do make sure your application is seen and heard

  • How to be confident and handle setbacks

  • Work on your F.I.R.E. (financially independent and retire early) and why this is becoming a real skill

  • Learning into Earning, Making a “Door of Do”

Carl has personally supervised over 500 graduates and also has had one of the most interesting journeys in education we could find!

About Carl:

Despite only starting the education journey at 25, Carl has seen lots of careers created. His workshops and stage shows are gaining a huge reputation all over the UK. Following a troubled time in his early teens, he almost made it to daytime Radio 1 before creating a “Plan B” business that left him with a short period of homelessness, serious emotional trauma and financial loss (almost 100k).

At the lowest point, he started a record label (with a friend, no music kit and £10 from signing on) and within 4 years turned that into 4 albums, stadium shows, international radio play and used the success to pay off all his debt within 18 months to free himself in order to go to University to study Music and Management.

Soon after he was recruited from a sales role within a major record label to become a Lecturer at Staffordshire University, teaching students how to survive on the rollercoaster of the music industry. Realising that many students were struggling with the pressures of studying, he qualified as a counsellor and joined the university's wellbeing support team. Over 15 years later he realised he was being asked for his personal story and lessons learned by more and more people. 

Carl decided to leave the University and to create a set of shows to attempt to solve issues faced by young adults all over the UK. As a part of the research for the show, he worked on the front line for 6 months, working for a mental health charity, gaining Safeguarding and Mental Health First Aid status along the way.  

As well as being a visiting lecturer for Wolverhampton University, he has also continued his work within the media industry helping create opportunities for students. Alongside this he has spent the last decade as a go-to for various Motorsport teams, working with drivers to extract the best from themselves and their cars. This research was the basis of his MSc in Advanced Technology.


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