Falmouth University

University Profile

Creative. Connected. Courageous.

With more than 100 years' experience, professional facilities, teaching excellence, peerless connections and a vibrant creative community, we’re not afraid to do things differently. At Falmouth University, we’re re-thinking the shape of higher education and delivering impactful research and innovation.

Harnessing creativity for the future economy
Virtual reality. Green energy. Culture-shifting content. Nothing in this world has ever been achieved without an injection of creativity – it's what we call the Creative Bridge.

Creativity is an invaluable resource in the future economy. At a time when machines, data, robotics and AI are upending the old industries and changing the way we live, when demographics are shifting and our environment is changing, it's creativity that will provide solutions to today’s complex challenges across every sector.

At Falmouth University, we’re fostering the fusion of creativity and technology to bring about new ideas, new ways of thinking, doing, making and creating – working in sectors as diverse as eHealth, agri-tech, fintech, fashion, tourism and immersive technology.

Innovate and create across disciplines
At Falmouth, our nine academic departments work together to tackle real-world briefs and challenges. Working across disciplines and with industry connections, our students are ready to make an impact on the world when they graduate.

- Academy of Music & Theatre Arts
- Cornwall Business School
- Falmouth School of Art
- Fashion & Textile Institute
- Games Academy
- Institute of Photography
- School of Architecture
- School of Communication
- School of Film & Television



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