Get into Theatre

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Get Into Theatre is the UK's leading theatre careers website to help you find all the information and opportunities you need to pursue a successful career in theatre in the UK. From backstage to performing, training to apprenticeships, you will find up-to-date theatre jobs information and advice.

Get Into Theatre is generously funded and supported by the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation and UK Theatre/Society of London Theatre and produced by The Stage.

We believe that all young people - no matter who you are - should have the same chance to have a career in theatre. Many people do not know about all the job options in theatre or the different ways to make a start in a theatre career. That needs to change. We believe you should have easy access to current information on:

  • Training and studying
  • Funding, scholarships and awards
  • Experiences that will help you
  • Theatre job profiles to inform you

Everyone should know about how to get a career in theatre no matter your background, ethnicity, condition or gender.


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