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Construction is a career like no other.

With 179,000 new construction jobs to be created in the UK in the next five years, there’s something for everyone.

The construction industry offers a huge variety of roles and plenty of room for career growth from working on a construction site or in an office, or a combination of the two.

goconstruct.org tackles the myths of working in construction and provides a taste of what construction is really about.

There are a whole range of free downloadable resources and information that can help career advisors, school teachers and students:

  • A resource library to inform students about opportunities in construction, including an online personality quiz which helps students understand what area of construction would suit them;
  • Marketing materials to promote construction as a positive career path;
  • Inspirational careers and educational resources such as an interactive careers explorer to showcase the wide variety job roles, online video guides and engaging case studies from real people in real jobs.
    There are hundreds of possible careers, from Civil Engineer to Architect and progression routes, from apprentice to director making construction a career like no other.

Check out goconstruct.org and come and visit us on the stand to find out more about a career in construction.


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