Michael Barton

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Michael is an international author having written two books about autism and have contributed to many others. He is also an experienced speaker, having given over 100 talks in the past decade, some of which have been alongside leading professionals such as Professor Simon Baron-Cohen, Luke Jackson and Wenn Lawson.

Micheal started my education in a special unit, progressed to mainstream with support and then went on to gain a degree in physics at the University of Surrey. The degree involved a year working in industry which helped enormously in gaining employment. He has now been working full time for 5 years using my autistic skills of logical thinking, intense focus and creative problem solving as well as being a trustworthy and loyal team member.

For more information visit michaelbarton.org.uk

Micheal Barton will be speaking at What Career Live? & What University Live? on 20 & 21 March. For free tickets, click here. 


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