The London Interdisciplinary School (LIS)

University Profile

The London Interdisciplinary School (LIS) will prepare students to tackle some of the world’s most complex problems such as climate change, free speech, and the ethics of artificial intelligence.  

LIS is opening with 100 students in its founding cohort in September 2021. It is the first higher education provider in over 50 years to be granted the power to award its own degrees from the start. This means that students will be able to access Student Finance.  

Our BASc degree 

LIS offers a single Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc) degree in Interdisciplinary Problems & Methods. The course looks at real-world problems through a range of disciplines across the sciences, arts and design, technology, the social sciences, and the humanities. This approach differs from other interdisciplinary or liberal arts degrees in the UK.  


LIS brokers yearly paid internships at some of the UK’s most prestigious employers and exciting start-ups. Organisations in the LIS Network range from purpose-led startups (e.g. OLIO), to multinational firms (e.g. KPMG) and public sector organisations (e.g. Frontline.) Internships will allow students to gain work experience and discover the career path they may wish to pursue upon graduating from LIS.  


LIS has no subject or grade requirements, and all applicants are invited to interview. This is an academically rigorous course. As students are more than their grades, the admission process looks at students’ motivations and curiosities, as well as their academic achievements in the context of their background.  

LIS is separate to UCAS. Students apply directly via the website, so the degree is an additional option to their 5 choices. Applications to join the 2021 founding cohort are open now. 

Intrigued? Students can attend a Discovery Day to experience LIS’s interdisciplinary approach to tackling real-world problems! 


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