Creating a space where everyone is welcome

We want to ensure our events are a place where everyone feels welcome and has equal access to the amazing advice, universities and apprenticeships on offer. 

If you have a question about employment support for students with disabilities (including mental health support) head to this area to speak with expert advisors: 

Michael Barton, neurodiversity specialist: Friday 11am - 12pm 
Remploy: Friday 12pm - 3pm 
Department for Work and Pensions: Friday: 12:30 - 3pm 

You also have access to downloadable resources, and on-demand talks including: 

  • Introducing the Access to Work Mental Health Support Service 
  • Unlocking the autism potential: strategies to help neurodiverse students succeed

We recognise that each individual will face different challenges on their recruitment journey, so aim to provide relevant and tailored support to ensure everyone has the best chance of success. 

Featuring advisors from:

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