The most recent live virtual event took place on Friday 12 & Saturday 13 November. 

On-demand content will be available until midnight on Tuesday 16 November 2021.

Log in to watch talks & access information on exhibitors' stands. Please note: the chat functionality will not work outside of the live event times.  

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Virtual Event FAQs

Watch this short video before you log in for top tips on using the platform. 

What device should I be using?
The event is best experienced using a computer or tablet. Most Apple and Android phones should be able to support the event, but the display is likely to be considerably smaller and therefore trickier to navigate.

If you are struggling to see parts of the screen, please check your screen zoom settings. You may need to zoom out to get the best event experience. Running a 'Systems Check' before you login (button found under the login box) will help you to adjust your device to the correct settings.

What internet browser should I use?
We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox as browsers. Please do not use Internet Explorer.
Please also do not access the platform from within a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

I can’t hear anything, what do I do?
This is usually an issue with your device – please check your speakers are working and that your volume settings are as you would expect. If this doesn’t help, please contact a technical advisor via the help desk or the technical support link at the bottom of the screen.

The videos aren’t appearing, what do I do?
Please check your system has allowed ‘pop-ups’. If this doesn’t help, please contact a technical advisor via the help desk or the technical support link at the bottom of the screen.

I have a blank screen, what do I do?
Please go to the event login page and click on System Check to see if any issues are flagged.

How can I chat?
In the Exhibitor Hall you can do the following on each stand:

Chat with us – this will allow you to chat with stand representatives. This is a public chat, so everyone on the stand, including other visitors, can see these messages. 
• One-on-one chat – this allows you to chat directly with a stand representative. You can do this by clicking on the green speech icon next to their name (if this is grey it means they are offline).

Abusive, threatening or inappropriate language/behaviour will not be tolerated. Students will be removed from the site immediately and reported to their school. In some cases the organiser/company representative may decide to take matters further.

How can I view information?
• Click on the screens
 – here you can find out more about each exhibitor and download resources into your Event Bag.

Please note, the chat function is only available during the live event times.

Where can I add/change my photo or other details?
Click on the cog icon in the top-right hand corner of the window, and select the ‘Edit Registration Info’ link.

Can I see talks that have already taken place?
Yes, all seminars are recorded, and you can view them a few hours after a session has finished.

Can I save things for later?
Yes, wherever you see the blue briefcase icon you can save content directly to your Event Bag. This is pre-populated with an Event Guide and What Next? Magazine.

To remove something from your Event Bag, open using the blue icon at the bottom of the screen, check the box next to the specific item, and click ‘Remove Selected’ at the bottom of the window.

Will the content be available once the event has ended?
You can access resources for 3 days following the live dates. There will be no live chat function, but you can access recorded seminars and stand resources.

How can I get some more help?
Please return to the Help Desk and start a live chat with an advisor or click on the technical support link at the bottom of your screen.

Please register for free to gain access to the online platform. If you experience any issues, please email 

Future events 

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Friday 24 June 2022 
Saturday 25 June 2022

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