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Meet us at the London Exhibition

As our business is so diverse, so are the types of people we employ: from engineers and geologists out in the field, to IT professionals, research scientists, financial traders and retail workers - so a career in Human Resources is always going to be exciting, challenging and full of incredible opportunities.

Apply by 26/02/2021

Armed forces, Public sector, Uniformed services

Our Police officers are some of the best in the UK. The CNC provides armed protection to each of the UK’s civil nuclear sites. However at times of need, when the UK is under threat from Terrorist attacks, the CNC has been deployed across the UK as part of Operation Temperer. Under this you could find yourself deployed to a major event such as a Pop Concert, providing armed protection, or to the streets of a major UK city to provide high visibility patrols.

Apply by 16/03/2021

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Armed forces, Engineering

The Royal Air Force polices the skies, protecting the UK from threats at home while peacekeeping abroad.

Apply by 10/07/2021

Meet us at the London Exhibition

We’ve embarked on an ambitious plan to modernise and transform through digital. It means more efficiency, more effectiveness and new business models. There’s huge potential for transformation, and you’ll be at the heart of it.

Apply by 26/02/2021

Meet us at the London Exhibition

As one of the world’s most developed commodity trading businesses, our trading & shipping arm keeps the planet’s energy moving. With an extensive portfolio and expertise in physical supply and trading and bespoke financial structures, this part of bp enables over 12,000 customers to make the most of their assets – all while offering people like you an excellent place to begin a rewarding career.

Apply by 26/02/2021


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