Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL-A)

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 The ATPL is the pinnacle of flight education for commercial pilots and the most efficient way to becoming a pilot with major airlines. Offered at our world-class flight line schools in Oxford, UK, and Huesca, Spain, the ATPL is the highest achievable licence for civilian pilots. For students with little or no flying experience, the Integrated ATPL course is available as a fast-track option. Our Modular ATPL, offered full-time and part-time in the UK and Spain, is more flexible available to students with a PPL. ​

Integrated ATPL course structure (71 weeks):

ATPL Theoretical Knowledge

Duration: 36 weeks

Initial Pilot Training

Duration: 23 weeks

Advanced flight training

Duration: 10 weeks

Multi-Crew Cooperation Course

2 weeks

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Sector Aerospace & defence
Location Europe, South East England
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