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A Podiatrist cares for the feet, ankles and lower limbs. They are an expert in the structure, function and health of these parts of the body. Podiatrists diagnose, treat and rehabilitate diseases and complications, prevent and manage problems, relieve pain, treat infection and support people with foot complications. A podiatrist’s patients can range from babies to older people. They specialise in helping patients with high risk, long-term conditions, particularly diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and peripheral arterial disease. They also treat osteoarthritis, dermatological and neurological disorders, among other conditions.

Podiatrists often work in teams with other healthcare professionals. They liaise between GP surgeries, patients’ homes, care homes, A&E departments and hospitals to make sure patients get the best care wherever they are. Podiatrists can prescribe medicines, which used to be something only doctors could do.

Studying to become a Podiatrist is hands on and you’ll help real patients as you earn your degree, and graduate ready to start a fulfilling career.

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