Dr Nihara Krause

Dr Nihara Krause is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist in adolescent and adult mental health. She is also a University lecturer, and founder and CEO of stem4, the teenage mental health charity which focuses on early awareness and intervention in schools and colleges. Enthusiastic about developing emotional resilience, her MINDYOUR5 wellbeing programme has been established in many schools and her MERIT programme on increasing excellence is well established in work settings. She is the clinical creator of ‘Calm Harm’ a smart phone app to manage self-harm, which won the National Positive Practice 2017 Award for ‘Digital Innovation in healthcare,’ was showcased at the London Design Museum for the ‘AXA PPP Healthtech & You’ award, 2017 and won the Best App category in the Northern Digital Awards 2018. Dr Krause was awarded the Team London Award for ‘Commitment to the Community’ by Boris Johnson in 2015, the Point of Light Award by David Cameron in 2016 and The National Positive Practice Award for ‘Making a Difference’ by the NHS Collaborative in 2017. She was part of the House of Lords enquiry into ‘Children and the Internet’ and contributes regularly to TV, radio and the media.