My son spoke to Capgemini who said to give them a call, he contacted them and they offered him a week's placement...Thank you for putting on the event and giving my son the opportunity to meet career enhancing businesses.

Parent Birmingham

It’s been really great to meet so many parents and students who are really interested in apprenticeships. We’ve been really excited about some of the potential candidates we have met over the course of the two days.

Phil Sartain Early Careers Recruitment Business Partner, Aon

The best school leaver event I have ever been to.

Jack Denton Co-founder, AllAboutSchoolLeavers

It’s been good to meet parents, who are the main influencers, to promote the merits of an apprenticeship.

Diahann Abraham Recruitment Specialist, Accenture Logistics

It’s been refreshing to speak to different individuals from careers advisors and teachers to parents and students. It’s been nice to speak to students considering apprenticeships rather than university. It’s been good to educate the parents who are more serious about university, but after speaking to them, their eyes are opened and they re-think the options for their son or daughter.

Mel Parker Recruitment Coordinator, Kaplan

We’ve met people from a wide variety of backgrounds and there has been a steady flow of visitors throughout the two days. There’s been a great mix for us of students from years 11, 12 and 13. We’ve met some good potential candidates

Katy Hanby Student Attraction & Outreach Officer, KPMG

What Career Live has been a fantastic event for us, we spoke with many engaged young people keeping their options open after school/college. Not even two weeks after the event and we have got our first direct hire as a result of us attending.

Farrah Woolley Student Recruitment Advisor, RSM

We offer a different range of apprenticeshps for people that are here today so whether that's engineering based or whether it's our business opportunities and it's great for Rolls Royce to be here today so that we can let the people know about what we can offer them.

Victoria Thorburn Rolls Royce

It’s been fantastic to see how many parents have taken the time to attend the event and shown a real interest in the apprenticeship opportunities out there.

Jada Vine Apprenticeship Recruitment Specialist, Unilever

We’ve been really pleased about the areas of the UK that have been covered by the large volume of visitors. We’ve been pleased with the number of parents who have attended, who can be the missing link between the employers and the candidates. It’s been a great success.

Lisa Taylor Apprenticeship Recruitment Manager, Superdrug/Savers

We’ve met strong candidates who were genuinely interested in our brand. It’s been a fabulous opportunity to engage with our future talent.

Paul McDonald Community Development Officer, DPD Group

Coming to this broadened my horizons and gave me a better grasp of what I can be

Student What Career Live? London attendee

Many students have since applied and put various applications in. This will be an annual fixture for us and we hope to bring even more pupils next year.

Matthew Todd, KS5 Wellbeing Officer Radyr Comprehensive School

We’ve met a diverse group of people who have had the opportunity to ask questions that they would not normally get answered

Student Ambassador, University of Bath Student Ambassador

It was fantastic and very informative. Would and have recommended to friends/work colleagues.

Clare, parent Parent

Well done it was brilliantly organised and gave me a lot of information. Thank you!

Dhanika, student Dhanika, student

It gave my son a boost to know that his qualifications and activities basically meant he could pursue a career in anything that was of interest to him.

Parent Liverpool 2019

Excellent for me as a parent who didn’t know what the next steps were for my 17 year old. So many different options to explore and investigate. Each one was well explained and very helpful to both myself and son. Would recommend to every parent and child who doesn’t know what career path they wish to follow

Amanda Knee Parent (Liverpool 2019)

Fantastic range of experiences for the students to discover alongside brilliant support for parents and teachers.

Marie Armstrong Assistant Head Teacher, Bank View High School