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Feedback from our events so far has been fantastic, take a look at our show film and a selection of comments from exhibitors and visitors below:  

"The best school leaver event I have ever been to.” 
Jack Denton, Co-founder, AllAboutSchoolLeavers

"What Career Live has been a fantastic event for us, we spoke with many engaged young people keeping their options open after school/college. Not even two weeks after the event and we have got our first direct hire as a result of us attending"  
Farrah Woolley, Student Recruitment Advisor, RSM

"What Career Live was a great success for us, we filled 100% of the vacancies we were recruiting for as a direct result of attending - we will definitely be back next year!"
Suzanne Kelly, Human Resources, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics


"It’s been good to meet parents, who are the main influencers, to promote the merits of an apprenticeship.” 
Diahann Abraham, Recruitment Specialist, Accenture





"It’s been really great to meet so many parents and students who are really interested in apprenticeships. We’ve been really excited about some of the potential candidates we have met over the course of the two days.”
Phil Sartain, Early Careers Recruitment Business Partner, Aon

"It’s been fantastic to see how many parents have taken the time to attend the event and shown a real interest in the apprenticeship opportunities out there.”  
Jada Vine, Apprenticeship Recruitment Specialist, Unilever


"It’s been refreshing to speak to different individuals from careers advisors and teachers to parents and students. It’s been nice to speak to students considering apprenticeships rather than university. It’s been good to educate the parents who are more serious about university, but after speaking to them, their eyes are opened and they re-think the options for their son or daughter.”  
Mel Parker, Recruitment Coordinator, Kaplan


What Career Live enables young people to understand the options available to them, whether that be an apprenticeship, traineeship or university. Young people can ‘get in and go far’ with an apprenticeship at some of Britain’s biggest and brightest companies. They can gain the skills and knowledge they need to succeed, in some cases up to degree level, while working and earning. We want it to become the norm for young people to consider an apprenticeship as a route to a great career and secure finances in the years ahead. At the What Career Live event, young people and their parents were able to talk to advisers from the National Careers Service and the National Apprenticeship Service about what’s available and they can find out how an apprenticeship can take you anywhere and help you rise to the top.”  
Sue Husband, Director, National Apprenticeship Service


"We’ve been really pleased about the areas of the UK that have been covered by the large volume of visitors. We’ve been pleased with the number of parents who have attended, who can be the missing link between the employers and the candidates. It’s been a great success.”   
Lisa Taylor, Apprenticeship Recruitment Manager, Superdrug/Savers



“We’ve met people from a wide variety of backgrounds and there has been a steady flow of visitors throughout the two days. There’s been a great mix for us of students from years 11, 12 and 13. We’ve met some good potential candidates.”  
Katy Hanby, Student Attraction & Outreach Officer, KPMG


"We’ve met strong candidates who were genuinely interested in our brand. It’s been a fabulous opportunity to engage with our future talent.”  
Paul McDonald, Community Development Officer, DPD Group


"It is fantastic to see so many young people interested in careers in engineering and we could not be more pleased about the results of the event. Our staff and apprentices had an amazing time at the event and we would like to thank everyone involved in organising the show." 
Pauline Nichols, Training Manager, Automated Technology Group



"We offer a different range of apprenticeshps for people that are here today so whether that's engineering based or whether it's our business opportunities and it's great for Rolls Royce to be here today so that we can let the people know about what we can offer them." 
Victoria Thorburn, Rolls Royce

"We've enjoyed the show and have met some keen potential candidates. By sponsoring the STEM Challenge we have aligned ourselves with the creative side of science and engineering. We will definitely be back next year."
Kevin Adekova, Graduate, Schneider Electric
 Schneider Electric


"There's been a big turnout, we've met a lot of people with good potential who have been really interested in a career with us. It's been great for brand awareness."
Farhad Nazeer, Assistant Manager, EY

"We've spoken to lots of people who are really interested in apprenticeships of all levels, those with GCSEs and also degree level apprenticeships."
Miles Pixley, General Manager Technology and Professional Development, JCB

"This show has been a great success, we’ve met a lot of potential candidates today, interviewed some superb young people and made some conditional offers! Looking forward to seeing some of these guys working in our pubs.”
Junior Alabi, Recruitment Coordinator, Wetherspoon

"Highways England have found the event valuable. We've been able to promote our vacancies to hundreds of young people to give them options for their career choices. It's been great to have the opportunity to have a two-way conversation with potential candidates and their parents."
Charlotte Potter, Early Talent Specialist, Highways England




"We've met some very engaged young people today. It's been great to talk to them about the opportunities at Microsoft. We've met some really high calibre candidates over the two days."
Charlotte Betts, Early in Career Programme Manager, Microsoft


 Visitor feedback:
"Last year I felt like I was walking along blindfolded, not knowing how to advise my school leaver on the options available. Coming here I can take on more ideas and routes to take after school. I’m going back to recommend this event to all my friends.”  Alison Crossman, Cambridge (parent)
"It’s great to hear personal experience from those actually in industry rather than from websites. I would recommend this event to others and will be back next year as a refresher for my son and future for my daughter.”  Nicki Beech, Birmingham (parent)
"I enjoyed the event and would come back next year. I’ve collected lots of information and it’s been well organised.” (parent)
"I’ve gained a lot of information about the university application and experience process and how the degree that my daughter intends to do can be applied to the companies that were present at the event. A valuable experience, thank you.” (parent)
"We were pointed to the different apprenticeship options my daughter was able to take and where to go. We will be coming again with our younger daughter.” (parent)

"It was a fantastic event and the response from pupils was the same too. Lots of ideas and opportunities available and many have since applied and put various applications in. This will be an annual fixture for us and we hope to bring even more pupils next year." 
Matthew Todd, Wellbeing Officer KS5, Radyr Comprehensive School (teacher)
“The event was very good and most of our students got a lot out of it.  When we first arrived everything was ‘buzzing’ and there was excitement in the air! There was a lot to choose from and different things to listen to, so something for everyone.” Elizabeth Sweeney, Director of Careers, DLD College London (teacher)
“It was great to see a good range of national and more local employers to talk about their school leaver/ apprenticeship schemes. The event was very well organised.”
Helen Airdrie, Careers, Pershore High School (teacher)
“Our students were very positive about it and felt it made them aware of school leaver programmes that they did not realise existed prior to the event. Many of our students took advantage of speaking to the universities and for all of them it has made them start thinking about their next step. For us it was placed well in the year as we took all of our year 12 students and this seems to have given them focus leading up to their exams, they can now see the value to studying hard as it will open up numerous opportunities for them.”
Sarah Phillips, Sixth Form Learning Mentor, The Streetly Academy (teacher)
"This event is as much for parents as it is for kids – we've received much more information here than we would have done from just the school alone"
"Parents are often left out of the process – this has been a great way to get more information."
"This is our second year here and it has been very informative."
S.Bowley (parent)

"It is has been a very informative day for students looking for apprenticeships and not just university." 
Geogia Billing (student)

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